GERMISEP is an effervescent disinfectant tablet that is commonly being used in the hospitals and medical centres for disinfection of hard surfaces and inanimate items. It is highly effective against a broad range of microorganisms, hence the usage of GERMISEP is not limited to the healthcare environment. It is now being used widely to maintain good standard of hygiene at home, offices, corporate buildings, schools, nurseries & kindergartens and public places.

GERMISEP’s NaDCC products are formulated in tablet form primarily to ease off the hassle of preparing in-use solution without having to measure and avoid unnecessary wastage and spills.

Its easy-to-use dilution systems allow one to easily estimate usage per day or per week to minimize wastage due to over-dosing, which is commonly associated with liquid & powder disinfectant. More importantly, it minimizes under-dosing thus eradicating the potential of bacteria becoming resistance to antibiotic and disinfectant.

Uniquely differ from other chlorine-based products due to its resistance against inactivation by inorganic matters. Hence it is strongly recommended for treatment of blood/body fluids spills as per suggested under infection control policy. It possesses consistent reaction in deactivating major groups of microorganisms.

Long shelf life and stable whereby in-use solutions always yield the stated minimum level of available chlorine for optimum efficacy.

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Germisep Disinfectant Tablets

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GERMISEP is available for purchase at or click here.

GERMISEP is available for purchase at or click here.